Waverley Books

Waverley Books is a long-established publishing house based in Glasgow. This independent company is part of the Gresham Publishing Company Limited.

Waverley Books was an imprint that used to belong to the DC Thomson Group, along with Geddes and Grosset (G&G). It was G&G that developed the Waverley Books imprint while at DC Thomson, but this company was not always part of DC Thomson. The company set up as an independent in 1988, and did not move over to DC Thomson until 1998. It was 25 years after G&G began, that Gresham acquired this part of the DC Thomson company.

Waverley Books was established in 2007, and there were a number of instant successes. Hits include the graphic novel versions of classic novels such as Kidnapped. Waverley was also responsible for the fastest-selling Scottish book ever – ‘Maw Broon’s Cookbook’, based on comic strip characters that have been around since 1936. Further, the Waverley Books imprint carries a number of Broons-related works. Some of these were published while Waverley was part of DC Thomson, but there is a distinct Scottish flavour to the catalogue.

G&G started out with some top-selling non-fiction. Proctor and Gamble commissioned 2.5 million copies of a book on house plants. They went on to produce a range of useful text books – grammar guides, dictionaries and children’s books – all at affordable prices. Neither Waverley nor G&G are as old as Gresham. The Gresham Publishing Company was founded at the end of the 19th century and focused on natural history.

All three publishing brands are still operating, and are publishing a wide range of books and reference materials. Waverley publishes some fiction as well as classic literature for children. This Glasgow-based publishing house is continuing to go from strength to strength. Customers can order online via the Waverley website.