Ringwood Publishing

A Glasgow-based publishing house, Ringwood Publishing is a small, independent company and focuses on bringing the best of Scottish writers and writing to the world. The company publishes a range of fiction and non-fiction titles each year.

The Chief Executive Officer is Sandy Jamieson is a published author and previously worked at Strathclyde Council. Isobel Freeman is currently the chief administrative officer and used to be the chief editor, with many years’ experience in editing both fiction and non-fiction. The rest of the staff all have backgrounds in literature and creative writing and are committed to promoting Scottish writing in particular.

One of the main themes of the publishing house is Scottish football and there are a number of titles available, some of which have been written by Sandy Jamieson. Some focus on football as the main subject while others write about how football is linked with other key Scottish themes such as politics.

Non-fiction titles from Ringwood Publishing range from feminism to geology, so the catalogue available covers a wide range of tastes. The fiction titles include historical fiction, detective fiction and ghost stories. If you want to find out more about the authors that write for Ringwood, take a look at the website, where there are articles and profiles that will tell you more about them.

Like many other publishing houses, Ringwood has embraced the e-publishing trend. Those who visit the website have the option to download a free e-book if they wish. It is available in a number of formats. The book promotes the concept of ‘Cinema for all’ and the interactive nature of the book aims to encourage the reader to consider what cinema means to them. Those who would prefer to write for Ringwood are encouraged to read the submissions criteria that are listed on the website.