Publishing Scotland

It has been revealed that Creative Scotland will continue to provide regular funding to Publishing Scotland – the trade body that offers support to publishers, writers and agents throughout Scotland. The funding will be provided from April 2018 to March 2021. Many other organisations were also bidding for this funding award, so it was not certain that Publishing Scotland would be successful, but the win is good news for the industry.

Publishing Scotland runs three funds, and there is also an International Publishing Fellowship as well as other events run by the organisation, such as training and book fairs. Scottish publishers can apply for one of the grants, and there are also funds for agents. The third scheme is for publishers in other parts of the world that are translating the works of Scottish writers, even if these books are not published in Scotland. Publishing Scotland is keen to focus on international marketing to promote the works of Scottish writers to those in other countries.

One of the events attended by Publishing Scotland, is the Edinburgh International Book Festival, where the organisation runs two bookshops. Glasgow publishing houses are among those which are offered shelf space in the bookshops at the event, and all members of the organisation are invited to a reception while the festival is on.

Some of the Glasgow publishing houses may also be eligible for funding from Publishing Scotland if they wish to attend one of the many book fairs around the world. More information on this can be found on the Publishing Scotland webpage. Those who prefer to attend one of the other events hosted by Publishing Scotland may be able to get reduced fees if they are members. For the latest information, news on the publishing industry in Scotland can be found on the organisation’s website.