Literary Themed Casino Games

Avid readers tend to have their favourite authors, or their preferred genre, and often there are books that they just want to read over and over again, regardless of what other stories have come on to the market. Those who love to get lost in the literary world may also enjoy casino read this online blackjack guide and slot games that are based on books, films or their favourite characters.

Regardless of whether the book was published by Canongate or Bloomsbury, readers think there is nothing better than spending their spare time being drawn into the fantasy world of their favourite fiction books, getting to know the characters, and often becoming emotionally invested in them and their lives.

Slot games are all themed, from the basic fruit machines with 3 reels and one winning line that we all know and love, to the more extravagant and complicated games that have 5 reels and 20 or more winning lines. Some of these are themed around literary characters and books, and pay great odds. After playing a few of these games it is easy to work out which ones pay out the most often, and you get to pick a game that works for you.

Classic literature is popular for slot games, with Alice in Wonderland, Moby Dick, A Christmas Carol, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, all very exciting to play. Some of the games offer bonus rounds where wins of different sizes are guaranteed. – It all helps towards the enjoyment of the game and allows the player the opportunity to win even bigger pots of money.

Jackpots on these games vary, with some having a progressive jackpot, meaning big money prizes that keep building until it is won by a very lucky player. Progressive jackpots can run into the several thousands of pounds, making them well worth playing for.