HarperCollins Scotland

HarperCollins Scotland is part of the HarperCollins UK organisation. The company is well-known for publishing a variety of books from children’s literature to the latest contemporary fiction. There is also a wide range of non-fiction that is available, covering everything from dictionaries to celebrity biography. HarperCollins started life as two companies – and it was the Collins part of the company that was founded in Glasgow, joining forces with the Harpers much later.

HarperCollins Scotland has embraced the digital publishing market and it is now thriving in this area too, publishing a range of e-books and audio books. The company itself dates back around 200 years and some of the top names that have been under the HarperCollins label over the years include Agatha Christie and CS Lewis. Modern-day writers being published by the label include David Walliams. Authors include Pulitzer Prize winners and Nobel Prize winners.

Those who are concerned about the publishing industry’s commitment to becoming eco-friendly only have to look at HarperCollins. This organisation is the first major publisher in the UK to become carbon neutral, so they are working hard to reduce their impact upon the planet.

HarperCollins was established in 1819 and those who are interested in writing for this publishing house need to submit their work via an agent, although there is an online community where aspiring authors can submit their work. Within the HarperCollins brand there are many more different imprints. These are also on the lookout for authors but those who want to submit work should check the submission criteria first.

The company as a whole has become one of the largest publishing companies in the world, with offices in many different cities around the world. The Glasgow office of HarperCollins is based in the Bishopbriggs area of the city, while the group’s head office is based in New York.